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Landoll ICON Industries Ag Series Scrapers

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The Industry’s Best All-Around Earthmoving System

The AG11 & AG13 from ICON are engineered around years of innovations and features that have been tested in the demanding industrial sector. These features are now available in an earthmoving system that is ideally suited to your farm operation.

The patented swing wall ensures smooth, rapid and clean ejection cycles. The front gate and eject wall are finished in dirt resisting epoxy to maintain efficiency in the stickiest of soils. The double-wall frame sidewall design increases overall strength and rigidity. The hydraulic operation of the gate and wall is controlled by a synchro-sequencing valve.

Equipped with an exclusively designed, weight transferring front dolly, the AG11 and AG13’s carrying capacity is partially transferred to the tractor hitch to assist with traction when loading. Able to cut a full 8-foot width with each pass, the AG11 can quickly handle 11 yards of material, while the AG13 handles 13 yards.

ICON Industries Ag Series Scrapers
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AG11 & AG13 Scraper

  • Industrial Design Adapted to the Agricultural Market
  • AG11: 11 Yard Capacity
  • AG13: 13 Yard Capacity
  • Patented Swing Wall Ensures Smooth Ejection Cycles
  • Epoxy Coated Gate and Wall Frame to Resist Sticky Soils
  • Double Wall Side Frames
  • Extra Heavy-Duty Wheels, Hubs, and Spindles
  • Synchro-Sequencing Valve Gate and Wall
  • Weight Transfer Dolly Wheel
  • Industrial Rated Hoses and Cylinders
  • 22” Ground Clearance
  • 500/70R x 24 Front Tires
  • 20.5 x 25 Rear Tires
  • 10 Bolt Hubs
  • Pintle Swivel Hitch
  • Yellow Industrial Paint
  • Safety Warning Lights
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