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Unverferth Equipment Fieldrunner

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Unverferth Header Transports

The Fieldrunner header transport is much more than just a running gear with rails. It has the most versatility for matching any style header or grain platform of all traditional header transports and is perfect for shorter road trips moving from field to field.

From the patented rear-oscillating axle that keeps all four wheels in full contact with the ground, even over the roughest terrain, to the wide-spaced support beams that provide greater stability and balance, and the standard-equipment new tires, the Unverferth Header Transport is much more than just a running gear with rails, it's the right tool for the job.


Sale Type
  • Models available from 42' to 25' for hauling the widest variety of corn heads, grain platforms and draper platforms, including those with stalk stomper attachments
  • 100% Tool-free adjustability
    • Steel upper rest bar resists flexing and is fully adjustable both vertically and horizontally, without tools, to fit any brand grain platform or row-crop header
    • Patented rest brackets for quick, easy and totally wrench-free adjustment
    • Flip-over brackets on lower rest bar allow quick, easy and tool-free adjustment for holding and transporting grain platform or corn head
      • Steel loops are included for secure fastening of the tie-down straps
  • The patented rear-oscillating axle keeps all four wheels in full contact with the ground, even when traveling over rough terrain
  • Heavy-duty 8-ton hubs, spindles, steering components and 6-bolt wheels with new tires dependably carry all brands of corn heads and grain platforms
  • A 180° turning radius and extra-long 12-foot tongue (16-foot is optional) provide exceptional maneuverability and eliminate bent tongues
  • The tongue's extendable clevis and spring lift assist makes hitching to pickup, combine, or tractor easy and convenient
  • Retractable lighting cord keeps wiring concealed in tongue for longer life
  • Extra-height clearance between axle and ground allows for easy field entry and exit
  • Available bracket for draper heads for greater versatility
  • A rear hitch is standard for pulling header units in tandem
  • The sturdy 6"x4" lower rest bar resists bowing and flexing
    • HT-42, HT-36 and HT-30 feature a trussed lower rest bar for even greater strength and stability
  • Transport chain, rear-mounted rear LED lighting package, tie downs and reflective striping are standard equipment for optimum road travel safety
  • Optional, large-diameter 11Lx15 F-range tires provide 13,000 pound carrying capacity and greater flotation and feature 120-degree steering
  • A storage slot in the upper rest bar is specifically designed for holding an extra cutter knife
  • Highly durable powder-coat finish in choice of red, green or black helps resist corrosion
  • Optional 12" x 48" long upper rest bar landing pads provide a wider landing area for for heads with shorter outer feet under each snout
Model HT-42 HT-36 HT-30 HT-25

Due to continuing improvements in the design and manufacture of Unverferth products, all specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice.

U.S. patent #5,374,082, additional U.S. and foreign patents pending.

Conv. Grain Platform Sizes 42' and less 35' and less 30' and less 25' and less
Draper Platforms 42' and less 36' 30' 25'
Corn Heads (30" Rows) 16-row and Specialty 12-row and less 12-row and less 8-row and less
Tread Width 6' 6' 6' 6'7"
Overall Length approx.) 52'7" 46'7"


Wheelbase 20' 18'5" 18'5" 14'5"
Tongue Length (std.) 16' 16' 12' 11'5"
Tongue Length (opt.) - - 16' 15'6"
Approx. Weight (lbs.) 2,180 1,776 1600 1,290
Upper Support Tube Dimensions 8"x4"x43' 6"x3"x37' 5"x3"x31' 5"x3"x26'
Maximum Height 3'11" 3'11" 3'11" 3'9"
Minimum Height 2'8" 2'8" 2'8" 2'5"
Lower Support Tube Length 18' 18' 18' 14'
Rest Bracket Max. Height 2'8" 2'8" 2'8" 2'5"
Rest Bracket Min. Height 2' 2' 2' 1'9"
Span Between Upper/Lower Rest Bar-Max. 4'4" 4'4" 4'4" 4'4"
Span Between Upper/Lower Rest Bar-Min. 2'11" 2'11" 2'11" 2'11"
Standard Tires 11Lx15 F-Range 22.5x8.00-12 F-Range 22.5x8.00-12 F-Range 20.5x8.0-10 E-Range Trailer Service