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Morris 900&1400 Hay Hiker

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900 & 1400 Hay Hiker
Designed to quickly and efficiently move large round bales from field to storage. The ProAG 900 Hay Hiker and the larger capacity 1400 Hay Hiker deliver superior performance and value.
900 & 1400 Hay Hiker
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high capacity

High Capacity
7883 10 Small Vicky2 1 Large Payloads
The 900 model can quickly handle twelve 48-inch bales or eight 60, 63 or 72-inch bales. The 1400 model easily handles eighteen 48-inch bales, fourteen 60-inch bales or twelve large 72-inch bales.

PA IMG 0136 Newlogo CroppedEasy Unloading
Move bales from field to storage without leaving the tractor seat. The hydraulic control system tilts the frame bed to the ground while the push bar pushes the bales off the bed. As unloading progresses the Hay Hiker moves forward slowly allowing the bales to settle on the ground.

reliable design
IMG 6673 1 Reliable Design
Heavy-duty Undercarriage
The heavy-duty design carries larger payloads and gives a smoother ride even in rough fields. The 900 features a dual axle leaf-spring suspension system with a 13,623 lb. payload while the 1400 features a tandem axle with a 29,000 lb. load capacity.
Side Rails IMG 168 Copy
Standard side rails offer greater stability when hauling soft or large round bales.
High Capacity Motor IMG 6620 1
The high capacity orbit motor increases durability and ensures the smooth operation of the push bar.
IMG 6639 2Safety Lighting
All Hay Hikers come with standard red and amber lighting for safer road and highway transport.
efficient operation

IMG 0158 Vicky 2 Efficient Operation
Adjustable Fork Frame
An adjustable, heavy-duty bale fork lifts the bales. Uniquely positioned dual hydraulic cylinders maintain smooth fork operation. Dual hydraulic cylinders provide smooth fork operation and full control when picking.


Rotate Bales PA IMG 0115 Newlogo Vicky
The bale turner on the inner arm eliminates stress and allows bales to be picked in any direction, which speeds up the loading and unloading process.
Push Bar IMG 6607 Isolated
The bale deflector gently rolls the bale onto the bed frame. An adjustable bale stop reduces push bar cycle time by positioning the bales close to the push bar. The push bar effortlessly moves bales along the smooth bed surface eliminating wrap and twine damage.
Bale Divider
While unloading the Bale Divider separates bales side-to-side for proper air circulation between rows while they remain tight end to end for the best weather protection.
Full Load Indicator
The full load indicator signals the operator when the Hay Hiker reaches maximum capacity.