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Dion Forage Blower S55HO model

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Forage Blowers

S55HO model

The highest capacity on the market

The reducer gearbox on the S55HO lowers the input speed from 1000 rpm at the PTO to 654rpm at the rotor.  With an ejection/blower speed of 118mph (189 km/h) and an 8 paddle rotor, it is the blower displacing the largest volume per hour on the market.

The gearbox reducer offset can be positioned up or down for best alignment with all tractor models.

Sale Type

Dion Forage Blower S55HO model Overrunning clutch on PTO

Paired with high torque rating PTO shaft, the clutch protects the blower drive components and the tractor from variations in the load.

8 paddles

The 60in rotor contains 8 paddles providing a smooth operation and large flow. Made of heat-treated steel, they resist abrasion.

Dion Forage Blower S55HO model Robust drive

The feeding auger is driven by 2 pair of 5VX belts (cogged belts) capable of transmitting all the required power.  The large 2in diameter auger shaft is supported by premium quality cast iron flange bearings.

Hydraulic wheel adjustment

Independent cylinders lift both wheels without effort. Travels and installation at the silo are faster. The conical wheel bearings are durable.

Dion Forage Blower S55HO model Largest intake table on the market

The rotor capacity means nothing if it’s not fed properly. Dion forage blowers offer an oversized intake table capable or accepting high throughputs without bridging or clogging. The 14in or 16in (optional) diameter augers easily surpass the 12in version of the competition.

Ergonomic and safe

// The auger engagement system is simple and a safe.

// Hinged guards provide easy access for maintenance and adjustments

// PTO shearbolts are stored on the driveshaft guard for handy access

Water intake

Two water intakes are standard equipment on the S55HO blowers. They provide lubrication to the rotor band to prevent debris adhesion, accumulation and also reduce power requirement and wear.

The Dion advantage

The S55HO provides the following benefits over the competition:

// High inertia, stable operation, less vibrations

// Uniform feeding with the high capacity auger

// More paddles, therefore longer paddle replacement intervals

// High paddle/min frequency resulting in a smooth operation and high air flow

// Competitive price


Dion Forage Blower S55HO model Feeding auger

14” diameter x 10” pitch auger

Provides high uniform flow

Dion Forage Blower S55HO model 16” diameter x 16” pitch auger

For ultra-fast unloading

(Requires a minimum 175hp PTO tractor)