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Camso Conversion Track System

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Conversion Track System
On Any Ground
On Any Equipment
The Camso conversion track system increases your machine’s mobility and flotation for better access to fields with soft ground conditions. Its large footprint reduces ground compaction, minimizes field damage, and increases stability, maximizing the overall efficiency and quality of your work. Flexible and adaptable like no other, it can be sued on different machine models and applications.
Camso CTS High Speed for Combines
Faster roading speeds, more performance
Field ready when you’re ready. The new CTS is the industriy’s first 100% bolt-on track system for combines with an integrated final drive system to achieve similar roading speeds to wheeled combines. Get into your field faster than ever before.
36Q17MK JD 264
Track Width – 36″
Track system height – 64.1″
Track system length – 114.2″
Flat plate area per pair (in²) – 5,936
CTS Suspended & Standard for Combines
CTS SUSPENDED – Field ready when you’re ready
Designed to increase field access, stability and ride comfort. The best choice for combines facing the toughest conditions.
Track Width – 36″
Track system height – 65″
Track system length – 104″
Flat plate area per pair (in²) – 5,285
CTS STANDARD – More access to fields for maximum yields
designed to increase field access and stability in soft ground conditions.
Track Width – 36″
Track system height – 64.6″
Track system length – 104.3″
Flat plate area per pair (in²) – 5,309
CTS Tractor
Reduce compaction zones, increase traction
Engineered to easily convert tractors to tracks. It’s the simplest MFWD conversion track system in the market. With excellent traction and flotation in wet or soft ground conditions, it’s a perfect choice for tillage and rice fields.
24D18C (Front)
Track Width – 24″
Track system height – 53.8″
Track system length – 82.1″
Flat plate area per pair (in²) – 2,568
30D23MC (Rear)
Track Width – 30″
Track system height – 64.6″
Track system length – 85.2″
Flat plate area per pair (in²) – 3,402

Conversion Track System
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